Will we see Mbappe vs Haaland in La Liga? Barcelona want to sign Haaland! 

On February 28th, Rafaela Pimenta, a football agent, met with Deco. Deco is the sports director of FC Barcelona. Rafaela represented many players. But the one who got the most attention was Erling Haaland. Erling Haaland is the star striker for Manchester City.

People were talking about the deal. They wondered how it would affect the player’s career and Barcelona’s team. Rafaela Pimenta might have been there to talk about her other clients too. Her other clients include Matthijs De Ligt and Mazraoui.

What’s Next for Barcelona? 

Haaland? A fantasy or a goal? 

“FC Barcelona will have to react to Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid with a big signing to match the hype or just to keep the rivalry alive in the league” ~ Mohak

The big question is if Haaland will join Barcelona. Barcelona doesn’t know who their next manager will be. They also don’t know about their finances. Barcelona has a lot of issues right now.

It could be cool if Haaland joins Barcelona. But it won’t be easy. Haaland is playing great for Manchester City. He’s winning titles. He might even win the Ballon d’Or.

Haaland would need to be convinced to join Barcelona. Barcelona is not playing well lately. They don’t know who the manager will be or how much money they have. It’s unclear who will stay and who will leave. Will Haaland take that risk?

Barcelona may not be able to help Haaland win the Ballon d’Or. Usually, Barca players have a better chance. But with the way things are at Barca now, it seems hard even for the most hopeful Barca fan.

Xavi to stay after a shocking turnaround?

“Xavi could do a turnaround & stay if he does the unthinkable in the UCL ” ~ Mohak

There’s a report about Barcelona’s manager. If Deco is replaced and Alemany is hired, Xavi might stay. Laporta wants Xavi to stay. The club also wants Xavi to stay. It could be interesting to give Xavi another chance.

Xavi has said he won’t change his mind. But if Barca does well in the Champions League, maybe they should keep Xavi for another year. If they can’t get a good new manager, maybe it’s best to stick with Xavi for another season.

Barcelona needs a cultural change at the club 

“No manager will ever deny the Barcelona job, but anyone coming in would demand for guarantees on players, signings, etc.” ~ Mohak

People are talking about other names for the Barcelona manager job. One top name is Mikel Arteta. Arteta used to play at La Masia. His name is popular in the Barcelona locker room and with the club’s management. They are seriously discussing him.

It will be hard to get Mikel Arteta from Arsenal. Arsenal is doing well under Arteta. The players Arteta brought in want to succeed with him. And Arteta wants to keep working with them.

Another name is De Zerbi. He’s a top young manager. He has a flashy playing style. That fits Barcelona’s values, even though he’s not a “Barcelona guy.”

In my opinion, there is a need for a little cultural change here. De Zerbi is someone I feel who can give the cultural change that Barcelona deserves & needs

Another name that has come up here from the Barcelona Board almost a surprise is Simone Inzaghi.Inzaghi has a choice to make. He could leave Inter Milan and go to Barcelona. Or he could keep building on the good work he’s doing at Inter.

No manager will turn down the Barca job. But they’ll want to know some things first. How much money will they have to spend? Who will they be able to buy? Which players will they have to keep, like Sergi Roberto who has overstayed his welcome? They’ll want those things sorted out before taking the job.

The big Portuguese problem: 

“The numbers of Joao Felix simply haven’t been up to the mark” ~ Mohak

Atletico won’t loan out Joao Felix again. Barcelona would have to buy him for 70-80 million to get him permanently. But Barcelona doesn’t want to pay that much right now. I don’t think they should either, the price is too high.

If they can’t get Felix, how will Barca plan their transfers? They need players for the left wing. What will they do with Ansu Fati? He’s on loan to Brighton, where De Zerbi is the manager. Barca might want De Zerbi to be their next manager.


There are a lot of manager names being talked about. There’s also buzz about Mbappe and Haaland for Barcelona. How likely is it that Barcelona can get Haaland? People wonder if Haaland would leave Manchester City’s good situation to join the mess at Barcelona right now. It’s a tough question.

This won’t be easy for Barcelona. City is dominating right now. Everything they touch turns to gold. Winning the treble back-to-back is very possible for City. No player has done that with the same club.

What do you think?

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