Can you Guess these Barcelona Legends with their faces blurred?

What’s up, Barca fans? Today, we’re testing your Barcelona knowledge to the max. 🤯

Can you recognize these Blaugrana legends even with their faces blurred? This quiz is a real challenge, but that’s what makes it fun!

Get ready to channel your inner football genius and prove your Cule skills. These blurry icons might look impossible, but that’s the excitement! 😉

Grab your thinking cap and let’s do this!

  • Question of

    guess this legend

    • Andoni Zubizarreta
    • Victor Valdes
    • Claudio Bravo
  • Question of

    guess this legend

    • Luis Enrique
    • Michael Laudrup
    • Andres Iniesta
  • Question of


    • Pedro rodriguez
    • Deco
    • Xavi Hernandez
  • Question of


    • Cesc Fabregas
    • Lionel Messi
    • Bojan Krkic
  • Question of


    • Luis Suarez
    • Gerard Pique
    • David Villa
  • Question of


    • Adriano
    • Neymar JR
    • Dani Alves
  • Question of


    • Gary Linekar
    • Gabriel Malito
    • Diego Maradona
  • Question of


    • Ronaldinho Gaucho
    • Samuel Eto’o
    • Romario
  • Question of


    • Thiago Alacantra
    • Jordi Alba
    • Pedro Rodriguez
  • Question of


    • Juan carlos
    • Carles Puyol
    • Ronald Koeman

What do you think?

Written by Mith Panchal

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where my love for football meets the art of storytelling. I'm Mith Panchal,I make memes and write blogs here at tacklefrombehind. Most importantly I’m a crazy football addict just like you guys.

My journey in Football started in 2012 because I liked how Cristiano Ronaldo played in FIFA so out of curiosity I watched a few games of Real Madrid and Cristiano and since that day I've been a proud Madridista.

I think that every football game, every football team, and every player has a story to tell. I like to explore those stories and share the best of them with you guys through these blogs.

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  1. You guys should make more quizzes like these. It was fun. But this was fairly easy. Got 10/10 and I’m not even Barca Fan

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