8 Indian Football Creators You Must Follow on Instagram

Hey, football fanatics! 📱⚽ 

Are you looking to spice up your Instagram feed with some awesome football content? Look no further! I’ve got a list of 8 Indian Instagram creators who are absolutely crushing it in the football world.

These accounts are guaranteed to keep you entertained, informed, and totally hooked. Let’s dive in!

From Memes to News: 8 Indian Football Instagram Accounts You cannot miss

1. LittiChokha: The Real Madrid Maestro 

If you’re a Madridista or just love a good laugh, LittiChokha is your go-to creator. This Real Madrid superfan creates hilarious reels that’ll have you rolling on the floor. The best part? She’s so good, that even Real Madrid’s official accounts have featured her! Now that’s what I call goals!

2. The Rishi Show: The Triple Threat 🔴⚪

Rishi is the ultimate combo – a Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Cristiano Ronaldo fan all rolled into one! His reels are a riot, covering all things football. Whether you’re team CR7 or just love the beautiful game, Rishi’s content is sure to score with you.

3. Kheraeesh: The Man United Reactor 🔴

Eesh is your go-to guy for all things Manchester United. His reaction videos to football events are not only funny but super relatable too. If you’ve ever found yourself screaming at the TV during a match, you’ll totally get Eesh’s vibe.

4. Insane football talks: The Culer🔵🔴

This creator is all about Barcelona, Argentina, and of course, the GOAT Messi. Get ready for some seriously funny short skits about football. It’s like having a comedy show and football news rolled into one!

5. Hans Gupta: Mr. Relatable ⚽

Another Real Madrid fan in the house! Hans creates reels that’ll have you going, “OMG, same!” His content is super relatable for all football fans, no matter which team you support. It’s like he’s reading our minds!

6. PranayTFB: The Daily Dose of Football 🔵

Pranay’s got something special for everyone. Sure, he’s a Manchester City supporter, but his content? It’s a total game-changer for all football lovers out there.

The best part? You’re guaranteed to learn something new with each of his reels. Whether it’s a mind-blowing stat, a bit of football history, or some current news you might’ve missed, Pranay’s got you covered.

7. TCSB: The All-Rounder 🎭

Jayant, another Real Madrid fan, is your one-stop-shop for all things football. From reaction videos to funny reels, he covers everything happening in the football world. It’s like having a football news channel, but way more fun!

8. It’s Futbol News: The Wonder Kid 🔥

Last but definitely not least, we have Vihaan – the youngest creator on this list. Don’t let his age fool you though! This kid is basically the Fabrizio Romano of India. He posts reliable transfer updates that’ll keep you in the know. And when you hear him say “let’s go baby,” you know the deal is on!

There you have it, folks! Eight amazing Indian football creators who’ll turn your Instagram feed into football heaven.

Whether you’re into funny reels, relatable content, or just want to stay updated, these accounts have got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Go hit that follow button and let the football fun begin! ⚽🎉


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