How Much Do Referees Get Paid in Football?

Yo, have you ever wondered how much those referees on the pitch get paid? They’ve got one tough job, man! While the players are busy scoring goals and getting all the fame, the refs have to stay super focused. 

They gotta make huge calls in a split second with everybody watching. That takes some serious skills and guts, especially at the highest levels. 

So, let’s find out – how much do these crucial officials really get paid?

How Much Do Football Referees Make in the Big Leagues? 

Premier League Referees

Let’s start with the Premier League, the biggest league in England. You won’t believe this, but the referees there don’t get paid that much compared to other top leagues. 

They only make around €1300 ( ₹1,10,0000) per game on average. That’s not a whole lot for such an intense job!

Other European Leagues

Things look a bit better for referees in other European countries:

  • Portugal: Liga NOS refs get €1,500 (approximately ₹1,27,050) per match.
  • France: Ligue 1 refs bring home €3,360 (approximately ₹3,04,496) per game.
  • Italy: Serie A refs earn €4,000 (approximately ₹3,62,496) per match.

Top-Earning Referees in Europe

Now, get ready for this – the referees in Spain’s La Liga get paid a whopping €4,900 or (approximately ₹4,44,057)  for just one match! That’s some serious cash right there.

But the refs who make the most money in Europe are actually the ones in Germany’s Bundesliga. They pocket around €5,576 (approximately ₹5,05,319) per game. Imagine getting that much just for running around and blowing a whistle!

Champions League Referees

You know those epic Champions League games that everybody goes crazy for? Well, the refs who get to officiate those matches score some crazy cash too. They pocket a massive €7,000 (approximately ₹6,32,154) per match! That’s way more than what they make refereeing in their home country leagues.

Indian Referees

Now, let’s talk about the situation for refs here in India. In the ISL, our refs only get paid between ₹10,000-₹15,000 (€120-€180) per match. That’s like pocket money compared to what their European buddies make for refereeing games!

Other Important Factors

But hold up, a referee’s income isn’t just based on their match fee. Here are some other factors that affect how much they get paid:

  • League Prestige and Revenue: The bigger and richer the league, the fatter the paychecks for the refs. Leagues that make tons of cash from TV deals and stuff can afford to pay their refs way more.
  • Experience and Ranking: The more experienced and highly ranked a ref is by FIFA, the bigger bucks they get to take home.
  • Performance and Fitness: Refs are evaluated on their performance throughout the season. Consistently high performers can potentially command a higher match fee.


How much do FIFA Referees get paid? 

On Average, a FIFA Referee makes around $40.000- $45,000 a year, and a referee with a higher level of experience can make up to $100,000 a year. 

How much do Premier League refs get paid?

Premier League referees make around  €1300 per match on top of a salary ranging from 70,000 to 200,000 per year.

How much does a UEFA referee make? 

Referees in the UEFA Champions League make around €7,000 per match they officiate. 

Wrapping It Up

Sure, the refs don’t rake in cash like the star players, but they’re vital for keeping matches fair and flowing smoothly. 

Understanding what factors determine their pay gives you a better idea of how officiating works at the pro level. 

As football keeps getting bigger, these refs who make sure everything’s legit on the pitch will only become more important.

What do you think?

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