What will Jim Ratcliffe’s Manchester United look like by Mohak 

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire and the founder and CEO of INEOS, has recently made a significant investment in Manchester United. This has led to much speculation about his ambitions for the club. In this article, we will take a closer look at Ratcliffe’s plans for United, and assess their chances of success.

Before this interview, we had never heard what are the exact aims & and ambitions of Sir Jim Ratcliffe & INEOS with regards to Manchester United in which direction the club will move, facing City and Liverpool competition, how & what they will do with Old Trafford, what their reservations are, and most importantly, Sir Jim Redcliffe’s decision on the topic of Mason Greenwood.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Manchester United

The Mason Greenwood conundrum:- 

“Sir Jim Ratcliffe said something completely opposite of ex-CEO Richard Arnold. Hence, The possibility of Greenwood being reintegrated is not a far-fetched one” ~ Mohak 

In a time where you’re stuck in the financial fair play cycles, you have a player who is playing his football. 

Away from Manchester United, because the club didn’t give him a chance this year and rightly so as it wasn’t appropriate to give him one as he needed an image cleanup along with needing to resume his football & is doing great at the loan spell, it’s only sensible to think about his reintegration.

Sir Jim Redcliffe said yesterday, that they will investigate and the best possible decision for the club, the player, and the fan base will be taken into account. 

Now, if Mason Greenwood is to be reinstated back into the team, then one thing that the management will have to do, and I think they will, is to make Mason Greenwood publicly apologize to the fans, go to the team’s dressing room, and apologize to the players & the women’s team, meaning all those involved with Manchester United including the fans need to publicly accept the apology from Mason Greenwood and address the situation.

Not just fans but it’s also a matter of sponsorship, etc. We know a football club is a global entity with so many sponsors associated, and the charge that was laid on Mason, it’s barbaric, you would say non-negotiable terms, that you don’t want to be associated with such people. But then again, if the governing body there has cleared him of all charges & they have been dropped by the person who was charged, I think now we need to read the situation a bit differently. 

We need to understand, what Sir Jim Redcliffe said earlier, I can estimate that the possibility is not being ruled out entirely that Mason Greenwood could come back.

The competitors:- City & Liverpool:- 

“We never got such a statement let alone an interview… from the Glazers” ~ Mohak

Sir Jim Ratcliffe when asked regarding the 115 charges that are basically laid on Man City clearly stated that, look, whatever the scene of finance, etc., it doesn’t matter to him. The governing body will look at the charges laid on the city. His main objective is that he wants to beat City on the football pitch, and in terms of rules, they should focus on that

To which I agree, on the football pitch right now City’s team is way ahead of MAN-UTD. Their 5-year project is progressing much better than ours, and to close that gap, the right appointments are necessary. 

If you want to go back and look at Liverpool and Manchester City, you’ll have to go back to the football pitch because their league titles are increasing year by year. City is consistently increasing their titles every year. They have also won the Champions League. Now, they have completed their title and treble consecutively. They are proceeding for this season’s Premier League title, and ultimately, they might even win it.

So, more than that, an urgent time has not come before for United in the 21st century. But now it’s the need of the hour for the owners and players to be on the same page, the same wavelength. 

Now, your project needs to proceed, and definitely appropriate action is required And when you see Sir Jim, there is a bit of an obvious thing here, 100 ways of talking, but the fans will like to see work related to that being done along with the talking. 

Does Ten Hag survive?:- 

“Keeping the Ifs, Buts & Maybes aside we need to give Ten Hag another year at the club” ~ Mohak

Sir Jim Ratcliffe when asked regarding Erik Ten Hag, one can say it was a mixed reaction, he didn’t completely back Ten Hag nor did he completely discard him which perhaps is also the right move at this point, because that’s where the united fanbase themselves are divided at because there is no regularity in performances, and in performances, an identity that should be there in football, they haven’t been able to create it. Although ETH has managed to get results & a trophy at the club after 7 years

Sir Jim Ratcliffe basically reiterated on the fact that they have signed many world-class managers but they couldn’t work well on those projects and the pressure kept coming. Because after 2 and a half years, those managers were fired. The duration of the project is never completed, and the cycle is never completed. & the turmoil repeats again.

According to Me United’s aim at the moment should be basically to have a manager whomsoever it may be, to have a world-class mentality and to bring out the best from their squad & the squad being able to react appropriately to the best of the manager.

At this moment it makes no sense to sack Ten Hag as if that happens the club will have to start from scratch, absolutely zero, and then which manager will you bring? Those players who are now integrated into the first team, will you also get to see them under that new manager? The signings you’ve made, those hefty signings that you’ve brought in as investments for the club, will the new manager want to work with those signings? & If After a year, if there’s no improvement in the management of the team, if there’s no improvement in performances, then you can move on from him

The “Old” Trafford: 

“A club like Manchester United deserves one of the best if not the best stadium of the country” ~ Mohak

Sir Jim Ratcliffe when asked regarding Old Trafford, his reaction seemed quite good. He said, Look, Old Trafford has fallen behind a lot. Twenty years ago, it was the best stadium in the country and one of the best stadiums in the world. But at this time, the facilities, the structure, it’s all old. It needs to be completely revamped  You see the stadiums of your rivals; they are continuously upgrading.

Now we have to see whether we refurbish Old Trafford or we construct a completely new stadium. Whatever decision comes, in my opinion, the public opinion will obviously be taken into consideration, and here, we know that the discussion about fitting Manchester into Manchester has been going on. Sir Jim, when asked about this, his reaction is visible, and because for success, you need to invest correctly at every level, 

The tussle for Dan Ashworth :- 

“United will not compromise on the situation of Dan Ashworth & he will be at the club for sure” ~ Mohak

When asked about Dan Ashworth, Sir Jim Redcliffe gave a quite straightforward answer. He said, “There’s a person who wants to work on the project, how can you put him on gardening leave for so long? So, it’s quite clear that United’s taking Den Ashworth very seriously & Dan Ashworth will be included in the club’s plans even before the start of the summer window,

We have to bring in our Director of Football because Richard Arnold has already gone through all this & left, Murtough’s job being retained or not was not even a question, because as much harm as John Mutough has done to the funds of the club and to our recruitment staff, no one else has done it. They have done some good work, but definitely, when you’re leading a big club as Director of Football, you are vulnerable to such decisions towards certain players. 

This is why It’s going to be worth it paying the amount of £10m-£12m  for Dan Ashworth because he’s going to save you millions and millions of money, and as soon as we complete this deal, it will provide us stability as soon as we enter negotiations.

Opinion:- Was Qatar the right way to go?

“I didn’t like the INEOS group when contrasted to their competitors i.e Qatar” ~ Mohak

Despite not initially being in favor of INEOS group Mohak says despite the pressure here and there, without any hesitation, Jim Redcliffe’s organization has worked behind the scenes, that’s commendable. Without any connections with the Glazers and fan base, the very first start has been quite positive. This group has started well, in my opinion. Hopefully, in the coming three to four years, United can close the gap between City and United because now, even Liverpool is transitioning. how they react in the transition phase, we don’t know.


Manchester United fans, eager for change after years of disappointments, will likely embrace Ratcliffe’s vision.

His financial backing offers a glimmer of hope, but the road ahead remains challenging. Can he successfully implement his plans and steer United back to the top? Only time will tell, but his initial steps paint a picture of ambition and a willingness to tackle crucial issues.  

Ultimately, the interview that came yesterday, the United fan base will definitely have hope that things can improve from here, things can get better because here

What do you think?

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