Manchester City have a lucky escape at Anfield. 

The highly anticipated clash between Liverpool and Manchester City on March 10th, 2024, lived up to the hype, ending in a thrilling 1-1 draw. Manchester City took control in the first half, with John Stones heading them into the lead. However, the tide turned in the second half. A penalty by Alexis Mac Allister, after Ederson brought down Darwin Nunez, brought Liverpool back into the game. 

Despite a flurry of chances on both sides, neither team could find a winner. The result keeps the Premier League title race wide open. The top three teams are now separated by just a few points, the race for the championship promises to be a dramatic one until the very end of the season.

Meanwhile, in London, A wave of optimism has swept through the Arsenal fans following the result.  This result, coming on the heels of their narrow victory, sees Arsenal retain the top spot in the league and tightens the gap between them and the traditional title contenders. The Gunners faithful as they look to continue their underdog title challenge

Liverpool vs Manchester City post-match review 

Full-time thoughts:-

“After full time I was like, We escaped a serious 100% death” ~ Pranay

I’ve not even been on my toes for an entire season like I was for this game, had you asked me 2 minutes before full-time, I would have wanted those three points but towards the very end of the game 90+8’ I am just happy for the draw.

I swear I felt that was a pen at the initial look, that challenge was very late & a high boot was headed straight to McAllister’s head, again there was a VAR & people will blame the VAR.

But in my opinion, it was a penalty, be it a soft one & it’s not like we haven’t seen those penalties being given to Rivals and for us.

Although again I am not complaining, those angry can add it to the 115 charges against Man City & make it 116 & thank the referee tonight for that

A lucky escape or a lost opportunity?

“City were unlucky & lucky at the same time…Liverpool were daunting towards the end ” ~ Pranay

City were unlucky to some extent because we hit the post twice, City & Doku both were lucky and unlucky at the same time that shot hit the bar post and lucky that the late challenge was not awarded as a penalty.

Although the match was more than just the penalty call I would say first half yes City were completely on top of Liverpool we were controlling the game & had a better grasp over the game but what we have seen time in time out at Anfield City’s intensity dropped after the goal by a little bit.

In the 2nd half, the Scousers capitalized on that mistake from Nathan Ake & I’ll have to say Liverpool deserved to win in the last moments of the game, towards the end like the last 5-10 minutes though I think there were some chances from our side as well and I would probably say if those chances went in…Liverpool wouldn’t have had a shot 

But again football is not a game of if-s but-s & maybe-s like if there would have been a penalty if Doku hit the crossbar, along the same line to be honest I can also say it was our game and Ake threw it away. But overall a draw is a fair result.

Player performance:-

“I think what we missed today was clutch ….for which taking out KDB didn’t make sense to me” ~ Pranay

Erling Haaland 

First thing starting from the front, Erling Haaland had a stinker, I won’t rate him above a 5/10 & probably give him a 3 honestly, he was nowhere to be seen today at all. I expect Haaland to do better. 

For those saying he was involved in link-up play & passing he isn’t there for just passing like he was invisible in the box what I’m asking for is clutch & from a player of Haaland’s stature that is what is expected every match in and out, for Haaland to score a goal that is a bare minimum from him

Kevin De Bryune & Foden 

In the Midfield, Foden, did decent I would probably say 6/10 at Max for Foden is six, Kevin De Bruyne with that assist, that corner taken quickly cross he’ll get five points but that is purely based on that pass again there were some chances that he created & was involved but the big game player that we know KDB is was a bit quiet & then he was to my surprise subbed out by Pep,

I don’t know why Pep took out KDB & even KDB was Furious because we now can confirm that he wasn’t injured. That’s why the moment he got subbed out he wasn’t happy at all he threw his shirt, I think at the 88th or 85th minute there was a camera shot where Pep was walking to KDB & he was throwing his arms like clearly showing he was seriously very pissed.

Taking off KDB Pep tried Doku on & he did a little magic especially those couple of chances where in one he hit the post even, although I think KDB could have stayed in my opinion he should have stayed on.

I think we needed to see KDB and Doku link up. Because we know KDB is a clutch player & if you sub him out at such moments then it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

Julian Alvarez 

Moving on to Julian Alvarez, I think he needs to do better again Alvarez like Haaland 3/5 star probably and I don’t know what it was but maybe he got too intimidated at Anfield that is what I feel he got way too much intimidated at Anfield he needs more confidence.

However I don’t know why that was the case because Alvarez has played so many bigger games than this, he has played the World Cup final he has played all the finals he’s played at the Champions League final I don’t know what Alvarez needs to do better man that’s the bottom line that’s the bare minimum that you expect from a player like Alvarez.

In the defense, we had a blunder from AKE and that cost us the goal Ederson we need Ederson to be back as soon as possible

The Anfield Effect:-

“One thing is for sure all the games of Liverpool at Anfield can be considered a guaranteed win for the scousers” ~ Pranay

Sometimes you gotta respect the opponent as well People who are being too harsh on Man City were playing against Liverpool at Anfield they’re like one of the best teams you’re playing one of the best teams of Europe at their home so take that into account as well.

The Liverpool fans simply never let the energy go down in the 2nd half & towards the end the kop end was roaring & this is why it’s an absolute nightmare to visit Anfield even with the amount of handicaps in form injuries that this Liverpool side had.


“In the end, it was Arsenal who benefited the most.” ~ Pranay

Frustration will likely dominate the mood at Anfield. They fought back admirably after going down early, but missed opportunities, and a stubborn City defense prevented a vital win.

A point away from home against a fierce rival isn’t necessarily a bad result, but City will be disappointed not to have capitalized on Liverpool’s shaky start.  Pep Guardiola’s tactical tweaks in the second half worked well defensively, but questions remain about their attacking potency against top teams

The biggest winners of the weekend might be the team not even playing.  The Gunners, currently atop the table, benefitted hugely from the dropped points by their rivals.  This injects a massive dose of confidence and belief into their squad,  as they know they control their destiny in the title race

What do you think?

Written by Pranay

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