Blue Cards Introduced in Football – Biggest Change in Years

For Over 50 years, football has used yellow and red cards but it has now been reported that a new card could be introduced to the game. 

According to various reports, the International Football Association Board has approved the introduction of a blue card, which will be part of a trial for sin-bins. Keep Reading as we dive into the details of this. 

What does the new Blue Card mean in Football? 

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has gone ahead with the idea of introducing a new Blue card in football. 

According to the new rule, players who receive the blue card will be removed from the field for 10 minutes if they commit a cynical foul or show dissent towards an official.

The new card is set to be limited to fouls committed during a promising attack plus dissent.

If a player receives two blue cards or a combination of yellow and blue, they could end up being shown a red card.

It has been reported that the new protocol will be announced on Friday.

According to the Telegraph: “Top-tier competitions will be excluded from initial testing in the professional game in case the protocols require further refinement, but elite trials could still begin as soon as the summer. That may include in the FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup, with the Football Association considering volunteering next season’s competitions for testing.”

The UEFA president Aleksandr Ceferin doesn’t quite like the idea of the sin bins in football. 

While Speaking to Telegraph Ceferin said, “It’s not football anymore. We will not use them in Uefa competition.

“IFAB has four European members. I don’t think they will do something against the interests of football. And, if they do, then we will deal with it later.”

Ceferin added: “I would leave football as it is.

“I think we don’t need a change of rules. We don’t need to be remembered as important persons that changed football. We don’t need to change football. We are passing through.”

While the UEFA president might be opposing the idea, IFAB and FIFA on the other hand are quite keen on introducing the new law, and if the trials go positively, we could be looking at the new blue card becoming official as early as the 2025-26 season. 

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