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Chelsea finished 10th last season in the Premier League and saw multiple managers get sacked in the course of the season. 

Mauricio Pochettino was appointed in the summer with high hopes. Chelsea fans were expecting Pochettino to steady the ship and were seeking some sought of improvement from the disaster of the 2022/23 season. 

We are almost three-quarters into the season and the Argentine is struggling miserably with all the resources available at his disposal coinciding with the clueless owners a change is needed at Chelsea Football Club. 

Why Pochettino isn’t the right man for Chelsea

While this might just be a light-hearted joke, but it is what Chelsea has become lately; a laughingstock for others. 

Mauricio Pochettino Era 

Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea are currently 11th in the premier league table with just 31 points in 23 games.  

Last Sunday Chelsea lost 4-2 to Wolves at Stamford Bridge and the Chelsea fans booed the team during the halftime interval and after the full-time whistle. 

This was the first time Wolves managed to beat Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge in over 40 years. 

Pochettino has the most expensive midfield duo in the Premier League in the form of Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo. Yet the opposition are constantly running past Chelsea’s midfield which results in Chelsea leaking a lot of Goals. 

In fact Chelsea have conceded more goals (39) than they have scored (38) and in the last 2 games Chelsea have conceded 8 goals. 

Here the manager is to be blamed, Chelsea’s defensive structure is very unorganised and the players are easily outnumbered in different areas of the field and often look clueless. Pochettino unlike Graham Potter had a proper pre-season to test and try out his plans and yet there seems no set system or a specific style of play that Chelsea try to implement. 

Some might say that Chelsea were struggling with injuries at the beginning of the season and that a lot of patience will be required to turn a squad consisting of so many young players into a competitive team, which is true to some extent. 

However, Chelsea isn’t the only team struggling with injuries, and for the fans to show patience there requires to be proof of progress and Pochettino isn’t providing any at the moment. 

Chelsea have the same amount of points after 23 games as they did last season, and it’s not only about the results, Chelsea’s performances has been poor consistently. Top talents like Enzo and Caicedo are struggling to perform because there is no role clarity. This just shows that Pochettino isn’t doing enough with the resources available to him. 

Chelsea Management 

Chelsea has spent over £1Billion to rebuild the squad ever since Todd Boehly took charge. The Management also sacked Thomas Tuchel who had won Chelsea the UEFA Champions League, because they could not get on the same page.

Todd Boehly & Co then appointed Graham Potter and backed him with all the power and finances as they say a long-term project in him, only for him to be sacked 7 months later and appointed Frank Lampard as the interim which made clear that the new owners were clueless. 

Pochettino came in as the new manager in the summer and he is struggling to make the most of the resources available to him just like his predecessors. 

Not just the Manager but the player recruitment has been abysmal as well, Chelsea has accumulated too many young inexperienced players in an attempt to make a promising squad for the future. 

Looking at the current scenario if things continue to be the way they are there will be no future for this squad to flourish. If Chelsea fails to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for 2 more years they might face sanctions due to their worsening financial situation. 

The Signings of Mudryk, Nicolas Jackson and this whole project has so far failed to deliver and when you see Chelsea play you clearly see the need for leadership and experience in the squad, yet Chelsea is linked with more youngsters and unproven players. 

This just goes to show that not only is the management making mistakes they are also repeating them. Furthering the doubt that the doubt that the ownership is utterly clueless. 

What is the Correct Course of Action for Chelsea 

“I think Chelsea needs to sack Pochettino Immediately and bring in Jose Mourinho as an Interim manager.” – DrogBaba

Chelsea are currently 5 points off European spots with 15 games still left in the season and are in the Final of the Carabao Cup. 

The Minimum expectation that Chelsea should have in the Premier League is to achieve European Football even if it is the UEFA Conference league. 

Time has run out in the case of Pochettino and having a pragmatic manager like Jose Mourinho for the remainder of the season seems to be the perfect option for Chelsea at this moment as surrendering back-to-back seasons could turn out to be fatal both sportingly and financially. 

Jose Mourinho could instill the right identity and mentality in the players to grind out results and Chelsea still have a title shot in the form of the Carabao Cup where they face Liverpool in the final. 

Bringing Jose Mourinho as an Interim Manager means Mourinho knows the squad he has at his disposal and what exactly he needs to achieve without having to worry too much about the future. 

Thus eying the Europa League or the Conference League and trying to win the Carabao Cup will be the correct course of action looking at Chelsea’s current situation. 

What do you think?

Written by Drog BABA

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