Behind the Crest: The Mystery of Inter Miami’s Bird

Behind the Crest is a series where we unravel the story behind Football’s unique crests.

Inter Miami is a relatively recent addition to the football landscape, experiencing a surge in popularity, thanks in part to the acquisitions of football legend Lionel Messi and iconic figure David Beckham.

But have you looked at its crest, did you know there’s a dispute going over its name, and there’s also a debate about the species of the bird at the center of the Crest? Keep reading as we look into the story behind Inter Miami’s Crest. 

The Story Behind Inter Miami’s Crest:

What is Inter Miami?

Inter Miami is a professional soccer team based in Miami Florida, established in 2018. It is a member of MLS, joining in 2020 to represent the Eastern Conference. The team has three owners, one of whom serves as the club president: David Beckham, Jorge, and Jose Mas. 

The Meaning of Inter Miami’s Crest 

David Beckham was a style icon of his time and he with his team dedicated extensive hours meticulously studying designs spanning the past 90 to 100 years to come up with the perfect design for the crest. The crest is designed in the style and colors that recall the city’s Art Deco architectural tradition.

The Birds 

At the center of the crest are two great white herons standing with their back to each other. One leg of each bird is straightened and the second legs are interlocked forming a letter M. It represents the name of the team and the city. 

Herons are usually found in Miami Fort Lauderdale they are often considered as rattlesnakes with feathers and they signify the unity of the city. 

The species of the birds in the crest was the subject of debate after its announcement and unveiling, with some speculating them to be flamingos and egrets. The team later confirmed that the birds were white herons

The Rising Sun 

Between the herons, the rising sun is depicted with seven-pointed triangular rays. The 7 Rays is a homage to Club President and Owner David Beckham’s iconic jersey number 7. 

Name and Establishment 

Above the Herons and the rising sun is the club’s name “MIAMI” The full achievement displays the team name encircling all with the Roman numerals MMXX representing the year 2020, the inaugural season of play. The three-pointed shield represents the three main communities of South Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. The club’s colors are pink and black.

The club’s name has been the subject of a trademark dispute with Italian club Inter Milan, which had filed a claim with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the protected use of “Inter” in 2014. MLS filed an objection to the trademark claim in April 2019, arguing that the name “Inter” was generic due to its use by other clubs and could not be claimed exclusively


Inter Miami as a club might just be 5 years old but for its crest, they have taken inspiration from the deep roots of the city to represent the club’s identity. Inter Miami’s crest stands as a visual testament to its unique blend of tradition, symbolism, and football passion. 

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