Behind The Crest: The Story Behind Atalanta BC’s Crest

Behind the Crest

Behind the Crest is a series where we unravel the story behind Football’s unique crests.

If you look at Atalanta’s crest you might begin to wonder what this lady is doing flaunting her hair right at the center of a football crest. Atalanta might have been found a century ago but they took inspiration for their crest from over 2000 years ago. 

The Lady in the crest is the Greek mythological goddess Atalanta. Keep reading as we look at the whole history and the story behind Atalanta’s crest.

The Story Behind Atalanta’s crest

What is Atalanta BC?

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, known as Atalanta, is a professional Italian football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy. Founded in 1907, by Liceo Classico Paolo Sarpi students, and is nicknamed La Dea (The Goddess) which is inspired by the Greek goddess Atalanta. 

Who is Atalanta? 

Atalanta is an Ancient Greek Mythology Goddess. Atalanta was a strong, athletic, and sharp huntress. She had taken a virginity oath and as she was really fast, she challenged to marry anyone who could outrun her in a race. If they won the race, Atalanta was theirs, but if they lost they would be killed. 

Atalanta didn’t make it to the crest in the initial years but her name has been with the club since the beginning. 

History of Atalanta’s Crest

During its 117-year history Atalanta have changed their crest multiple times. Let’s look at the meaning behind each of them 


Atalanta was founded in 1907 in Bergamo and its first crest consisted of black stripes placed on a white background inside a shield and next to the stripes, there was a blue field representing the Club’s colors. The Club’s name was on the top. 


Having largely established themselves in the Serie A, Atalanta qualified for the European Cup winners cup in 1963 becoming the first team to do so in Bergamo. With this success Atalanta decided to give their crest a new look. 

The Greek Huntress was added to the crest on a white background and she could be seen running with her hair flowing and the club’s blue and black stripes on the left with the Club’s name remaining at the top. 


The redesign introduced a Circular Badge with a golden trim. The name ‘Atalanta’ was dropped and so was most of Atalanta’s body. The new crest had Atalanta’s head on a blue and black background. A reference to the club’s roots is made in Atalanta’s hair, which meanders in black and white stripes. 


The most recent redesign saw a new oval shape where Atalanta’s head could be seen in a circle similar to the previous badge. The new oval-shaped badge consisted of a blue and black background and the club’s name ‘Atalanta’ also returned to the crest with its founding year at the bottom.


In conclusion, Atalanta BC’s crest tells the captivating tale of its roots.

From the club’s founding stripes to the iconic goddess Atalanta, each crest reflects Atalanta’s journey, embracing history, success, and a timeless connection to their mythological namesake.

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