Arsene Wenger sees India as a Gold Mine and wants to put India on the Football World Map.

Arsene Wenger Wants to Put India on the Football Field

Arsene Wenger the former Arsenal Manager and current chief of global football development, FIFA has praised Indian Football calling it a gold mine waiting to be explored. 

Arsene Wenger and his team from the FIFA Talent Development Scheme are currently on a three-day visit to India in connection with the AIFF-FIFA Academy to be inaugurated in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. This is Arsene Wenger’s first visit to India. 

On Monday, November 20, 2023, and had an interaction with the heads of a select group of football academies from across the country as well as AIFF president Mr. Kalyan Chaubey. 

During the Conversation, Kalyan Chaubey said:  “We are so very honoured and privileged to host and welcome Mr. Wenger. His experience in football needs no introduction or explanation. I can just hope and pray that he continues to be involved with India’s Talent Development Scheme project.”

“We have been discussing this project for nearly three months now. Mr. Wenger’s visit to India and his experience and support from FIFA, I am sure will make this project a huge success.”

This is what Arsene Wenger had to say about Indian football and his plans,  “I would say I was always fascinated by India. My target is to improve football in the world. And it is impossible that a country like India, 1.4 billion, is not on the football world map.”

“I believe you have huge assets, fantastic qualities that make me very optimistic about what you can do here. It is absolutely fantastic to have that opportunity. And with my team, we are really highly motivated to help this country develop in the game. I’m convinced that it’s possible in the very short term.”

Explaining how a well-oriented talent development scheme can change the face of the game in a country, Mr. Wenger said, “I was in Japan at the start of their football in 1995. In 1998, they were at the World Cup. So that means it is possible. You have to start early. 

How is Wenger planning to Develop the young footballers in India? 

This is what Wenger had to say about youth development,

“Football is a technical sport. We have to equip the players from five to 15 with the best possible capacity to be technically at the top. That means, basically, to make it simple, is to make the ball his friend. The rest can be developed later. And this is absolutely vital.”

“So, this is where we have to start and that’s where we want to help people to make young players technically perfect. The start of our program is to identify the talent and then put the best talents together,” 

To sum up his speech and speaking about the ambitions of Indian Football Arsene Wenger said, “So imagine the potential that is here if we work well. And my main target here is to convince people that there is a gold mine here but at the moment it is not completely explored, exploited, and encouraged.”


Arsene Wenger will inaugurate the AIFF-FIFA Academy in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

Wenger’s visit to Bhubaneswar also coincides with the men’s national team playing their second World Cup qualifier match against Qatar at the Kalinga Stadium. 

After the 1-0 victory against Kuwait, India’s World Cup hopes are high and we hope that with the collective effort of Arsene Wenger, FIFA, AIFF & the support from fans we will achieve our goal of participating in the FIFA World Cup. 

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