The Rise of The Sikkim Premier League 

Nestled amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas lies Sikkim, a state brimming with breathtaking beauty and a growing passion for football. In recent years, this passion has found a vibrant new expression in the Sikkim Premier League (SPL).

This article delves deeper into the SPL, exploring its origins, structure, impact, and the intricate dance it performs with the existing Sikkim football league system.

The Hidden Gem of Indian Football The Sikkim Premier League

A League Born from Necessity: Filling the Void

For a significant period, a void existed at the pinnacle of Sikkim football. The Sikkim Premier Division League (SPDL), the official top-tier league under the Sikkim Football Association (SFA), faced disruptions due to disagreements with the players’ association. This stifled the growth of local talent, leaving aspiring footballers with limited opportunities.

Recognizing this void, a group of former Indian footballers, spearheaded by Nirmal Chettri, stepped in to bridge the gap. In 2023, they established the Football Development Private Limited (FDPL) and launched the Sikkim Premier League. 

This marked a turning point for football in Sikkim, providing a much-needed platform for local players to showcase their skills and chase their dreams on a professional stage.

The Sikkim Premier League is not registered to AIFF and is a completely private league owned by FDFPL, whose board members include former Indian footballers like Nirmal Chettri and Vikas Jairu, Sanju Pradhan, etc.

Building a Sustainable Ecosystem: The Franchise Model

The SPL adopted a novel approach for Sikkim – a franchise-based model. Eight teams were formed, each representing one of the six districts of Sikkim. This approach aimed to foster a more professional and sustainable league structure. 

Teams, with names like Aakraman FC, Sikkim Dragons FC, and Red Panda FC, began to develop their own identities and fan bases, creating a sense of community engagement that was previously lacking. 

The franchise model also attracted sponsorships and investments, contributing to the overall financial health of the sport in the state.

Nurturing Local Talent: The Heartbeat of the SPL

One of the core principles of the SPL is its commitment to fostering football development within Sikkim. The league’s regulations strictly enforce this focus. 

Each team is allowed a maximum of three foreign players and four Indian players from outside Sikkim in their squad and the rest of the team should be from your Sikkim players, in fact, maybe two players should be yours who should be under 18 Sikkim.

This ensures a high number of local players get valuable playing time at a competitive level, honing their skills and experience. This focus on local talent aligns perfectly with the league’s motto, #TogetherForSikkimFootball.

A Journey of Champions: From Kickoff to Glory

The inaugural season of the SPL in 2023 was a thrilling spectacle. Aakraman FC emerged victorious, etching their name as the first-ever champions of the league. The 2024 season witnessed another exciting battle, with Sikkim Dragons FC claiming the coveted trophy. 

This swift rise to prominence by different teams highlights the league’s growing competitiveness and its potential to become a breeding ground for future champions.

The Impact of Sikkim Premier League

The SPL’s impact transcends the confines of the pitch. It has catalyzed reviving football culture in Sikkim. Increased media coverage has generated immense excitement among fans, with packed stadiums becoming a regular sight. 

Youngsters across the state are inspired, finding renewed motivation to pursue their footballing dreams with the SPL stage as their ultimate goal. This renewed interest has also attracted sponsorships and investments, further contributing to the financial health of the sport in Sikkim.

Where does the Sikkim Premier League stand? 

While the SPL has emerged as a significant development, it’s important to understand its place within the existing Sikkim football league structure. 

The Sikkim Premier Division League (SPDL) continues to operate as the official top-tier league under the SFA. Sikkim Police FC currently holds the championship title in the SPDL, highlighting the strength of this more traditional league format. 

Additionally, Sikkim boasts lower divisions like the B-Division and C-Division, providing a pathway for amateur teams to progress and contribute to the overall footballing ecosystem in the state.

The SPL operates as a separate private league and it is not yet registered with the AIFF thus it is not recognized by the AIFF as an official Domestic league. 

While the path to the national leagues might still run through the SPDL, the SPL offers a valuable platform for young talents to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot in the higher-tier league.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Football in Sikkim

The Sikkim Premier League is still in its youthful stage, but it has already made significant strides in revitalizing football in Sikkim. With a commitment from organizers, players, fans, and stakeholders, the SPL has the potential to become a breeding ground for future footballing stars. 

It can also serve as a model for other states in India, demonstrating the power of a well-structured and localized approach to promoting football development. The future of football in Sikkim looks bright, fueled by the passion of its people and the innovative spirit of the SPL.


The Sikkim Premier League (SPL) has emerged as a dynamic force in Sikkim’s football landscape. Born from a need to nurture local talent, the league has created a professional platform with a focus on community engagement.

The franchise model fosters team identities and attracts investment, while strict regulations ensure playing time for local players. Despite operating outside the AIFF structure, the SPL’s early success has revitalized the football culture in Sikkim.

Looking ahead, the SPL’s future hinges on continued collaboration. With dedication from organizers, players, fans, and stakeholders, the league has the potential to become a breeding ground for future stars. Its innovative approach, coupled with Sikkim’s inherent passion for the sport, can serve as a model for other regions in India.

The SPL’s journey has ignited a new flame for football in the Himalayas, and its future holds the promise of unearthing hidden talents and propelling Sikkim football to new heights.

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