Revamped and Ready: The Resurgence of the European Super League

European Super League has won the lawsuit against UEFA and it is well and truly back. They have proposed a plan to reinvent club football at the continent level. 

Keep reading to find out what are the plans for the European Super League and what is the new format. 

European Super League wins the Lawsuit. 

The European Court of Justice ruled that football’s governing bodies acted “unlawfully” by blocking the breakaway league – stating that Fifa and Uefa abused their dominant position by forbidding clubs outright to compete in the ESL, although added that the Super League may still not be approved.

A22, the company backing the European Super League, gleefully declared that “the Uefa monopoly is over” and that “football is free”. 

Following today’s ruling, A22 has announced a new proposal for men’s and women’s midweek European Competitions. In a change from the previous European Super League plans, participation will be based on sporting merit, there will be no permanent members and the league will feature promotion and relegation.

What is the new European Super League format? 

Thee new competitions will be created called ‘Star’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Blue’.


The top league in the pyramid – will involve 16 clubs split into two groups of eight – playing a minimum of 14 games in their league stage before going into a knockout round.


The format will be the same as the Star League for the ‘Gold’ league, which is in the middle of the pyramid.


Blue is at the bottom of the ladder and it will have 32 teams with four groups of eight.

The new structure will also include promotion and relegation with the top and bottom two in their respective league changing divisions the following season.

Games will take place in midweek, meaning current domestic competitions can theoretically still go ahead.

When will the European Super League begin? And what will happen to the UEFA Club competitions?

The first European Super League is expected to launch in the 2025/2026 season. It is also expected that the three tiers of the  European Super League will replace the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League. 

Who will participate in the Super League? 

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the founding members of the Super League so these 2 giants of Europe will be the first 2 teams. Information on the other possible members is yet to be known. 

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