5 Players With The Most Freekick Goals in MLS History

There’s nothing more electrifying than watching the ball soar over the wall and dip into the top corner from a free-kick! It’s a moment of pure magic that sends fans into a frenzy.

The beautiful game has seen many free-kick masters over the years. Players like David Beckham, Juninho, and Lionel Messi have all left their mark with their dead-ball wizardry, even gracing the MLS stage at some point.

Today, we’re counting down the players who scored the most free-kick goals in MLS history. Get ready to be amazed!

What is a free-kick?

Before we get to the list of most successful freekick takers in MLS lets quickly look at what is a freekick.

Free-kicks happen all the time in games, whether it’s the pros or just kids playing in the park. The ref gives them out to punish players for fouls, handballs, bad tackles, pushing, and stuff like that.

Wherever the foul happened on the field, that’s where the free-kick gets taken from. If it’s way back in your own half, it’s just a chance to reset and keep possession. But if it’s close to the other team’s goal, watch out! It could be a scoring chance.

Over the years, some players have become absolute masters at burying direct free-kicks. Curling it up and down, making it move like crazy in the air – it’s an art! Prime Beckham and Ronaldo were so good at them.

Anyway, that’s the free-kick basics. Now let’s get to those MLS free-kick kings!

Players With The Most Freekick Goals in MLS 

Here is the list of the most successful freekick takers in MLS history : 

1. Sebastian Giovinco – 13 Goals

Topping the list is the Italian magician, Sebastian Giovinco. During his three-year stint with Toronto FC (2015-2018), he bent an incredible 13 free-kicks into the back of the net – more than any other player in MLS history!

Giovinco’s free-kick prowess was a major weapon in his MLS arsenal, cementing his reputation as one of the league’s all-time great dead-ball specialists.

2. Jeff Larentowicz – 9 Goals

Next up is the American midfield maestro, Jeff Larentowicz. Over his 15-year MLS career with clubs like LA Galaxy and Atlanta United, Larentowicz scored a whopping 9 free-kick goals.

3. Javier Morales – 9 Goals

Tied with Larentowicz is the Argentine attacking midfielder, Javier Morales. During his decade-long stay in MLS with Real Salt Lake and FC Dallas, Morales left his free-kick mark by scoring 9 breathtaking goals from set-pieces.

Interestingly, Morales is now the assistant manager at David Beckham’s Inter Miami – a club that features next on our list!

4. David Beckham – 7 Goals

There’s no free-kick conversation without mentioning the legendary David Beckham. After joining LA Galaxy in 2007, the English icon “bent it like Beckham” a staggering 7 times, leaving his free-kick legacy in MLS.

5. Lucas Zelarayan – 7 Goals

Rounding out the top 5 is Lucas Zelarayan of Columbus Crew. Since arriving in MLS in 2020, the Argentine playmaker has already scored an impressive 7 free-kick goals – the most in Crew history and level with Beckham’s MLS tally.

Can Lionel Messi Become the Player With the Most Free-kick Goals in MLS history?

With Lionel Messi joining Inter Miami in 2023 on a deal until 2025, the GOAT has at least three seasons to etch his name in MLS free-kick folklore.

Considering Messi’s outrageous free-kick record and the fact that he’ll be taking every set-piece for Miami, could he surpass Giovinco and become the new MLS free-kick legend? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – we’re in for a treat!


Who has most free-kick goals in history?

Juninho is the free-kick GOAT (greatest of all-time), with the most frick-kick goals in Football with 77 goals from direct freekicks.

Which active player has the most free-kick goals?

Lionel Messi leads the list for most free-kick goals by active footballers with 65 free-kick goals.

How many free-kick goals has David Beckham scored in the MLS?

David Beckham has scored a total of 32 goals from direct free-kicks, including 7 in the MLS.

Who has the most goals in MLS history?

Chris Wondonlowski is the player with the most goals in MLS with 174 goals in 422 games.

Who has more free-kick goals Messi or Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi with 65 free-kick goals has scored four more goals via direct free-kicks than Cristiano Ronaldo.


Free-kicks are one of the most thrilling aspects of football, and MLS has been graced by some truly gifted dead-ball specialists over the years. From Giovinco’s record-breaking tally to Beckham’s iconic strikes, these players have left an indelible mark on the league’s history.

As Messi embarks on his MLS journey, the excitement is palpable – will he cement his legacy as the ultimate free-kick king? Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: free-kick magic will continue to captivate fans across the league for years to come.

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