Why Did Arsenal wear an all white kit against Liverpool?

Arsenal wore an all-white kit for the first time at the Emirates for a great cause. 

If you watched this weekend’s FA Cup match between Arsenal and Liverpool you must’ve noticed that the Gunners downed a white kit instead of their home kit while playing at the Emirates Stadium. 

The all-white kit was worn in support of their No More Red initiative, which seeks to keep young people safe from knife crime and provide spaces safe from youth violence. 

While those kits won’t be for sale, Arsenal will sell a No More Red t-shirt, and proceeds will be donated to several charities.

It is the 3rd time Arsenal wore this kit as a part of their initiative and the first time at their home. 

Arsenal wearing the white kit at home meant Liverpool could wear their usual red kit but in solidarity with the host, they also avoided the red jersey and wore their purple third kit instead. 

Why Does Manchester City not wear the FA Cup badge?

Another interesting detail that you might have missed is that Manchester City doesn’t wear the FA Cup badge on the sleeve of their jersey. 

Emirates, the Dubai-based airline has sponsored the FA Cup since 2015, and thus Manchester City have been excused from putting the badge on their kit as it promotes one of the direct competitors of Etihad Airways. 

Manchester City haven’t wore the FA Cup badge since 2015/16 when Emirates took over the sponsorship.

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