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Football this week: Ronaldo, Ten Hag and More

In this week’s football roundup, we delve into the intriguing narratives shaping the beautiful game. From Ronaldo’s role in Euro 2024 to the future of Manchester United & Erik ten Hag

We also explore the validity of a rumored Liverpool transfer of Fede Valverde and the impact of Barcelona’s loan deal on Joao Felix’s future. Lastly, we consider the potential move of Bernardo Silva to either of the Spanish giants. 

Ronaldo’s Uncertain Future at the Euros

“The way Portugal manage Cristiano Ronaldo & his ego will decide their tournament” ~Divyansh

Football circles are abuzz with talk of Cristiano Ronaldo’s role in Euro 2024. A Liverpool player suggested that Portugal’s chances of victory would rise if they benched Ronaldo and checked his ego.

The player has a point. Ronaldo’s influence in the 25-20 minutes of the game is significant, yet maintaining such intensity over an entire match may not be feasible. It falls to Portugal’s coach, Roberto Martinez, to deploy Ronaldo with tactical acumen.

Ronaldo’s recent form in the Saudi league has been impressive, and it would be hard to ignore his goal-scoring ability. However, the question is whether he can fit into the team dynamic or if he needs to be the main focus.

Ronaldo’s ego is a massive factor too. If he’s benched, the backlash and headlines could be a huge problem for the Portuguese team. It’s a delicate balance between the team’s success and keeping a superstar player happy.

All eyes will be on how this Ronaldo situation plays out as the Euros approach. Football fans worldwide are eager to see if Ronaldo can lead Portugal to glory once again.

Ten Hag’s Make-or-Break Season at Manchester United

“The new United board is already planning for next season with Ten Hag” ~Divyansh

Manchester United’s latest defeat against Chelsea casts doubt on Erik ten Hag’s tenure. With 17 losses, a Champions League exit, and low chances for next year’s UCL, the season has been challenging.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe & the new board, are in active dialogue with Ten Hag regarding the club’s direction. They acknowledge the season’s losses, setting their sights on a hopeful fifth-place and Champions League entry.

The upcoming season is seen as a make-or-break one for Ten Hag. If he can turn things around and lead United to success, he’ll solidify his position as the manager. But if he fails, it could mean the end of his time at Old Trafford.

Ten Hag is actively involved in planning for the next season, including player transfers, the budget, and setting targets. This suggests the club has faith in him and is willing to give him the resources to get United back on track.

The pressure will be on Ten Hag to prove he can restore Manchester United’s former glory. The fans are eagerly awaiting the club’s decision on his future, as the next season could be the final chapter in his United story.

Fede Valverde to Liverpool: A Unlikely Transfer Rumor

“I don’t discredit any journalistic sources…but this report is so baseless it has to be abused” ~Divyansh

Liverpool may spend £130 million on Fede Valverde from Real Madrid, necessary for financing Madrid’s Mbappe deal. But, this rumor seems very far-fetched.

The report didn’t account at all that Valverde is considered a key player and future captain for Real Madrid. He’s got a long contract until 2028-2030, and the club sees him as an untouchable asset. They’re unlikely to let him go, even if they need funds for other transfers.

The report also fails to mention that Real Madrid has other players, like Ceballos, Mendy, and Nacho, who could be sold to raise money for Mbappe. They wouldn’t be willing to part with a player as valuable as Valverde.

Liverpool would undoubtedly be keen on acquiring a player with Valverde’s talent. However, the likelihood of such a transfer materializing is quite slim. Real Madrid, shrewd in trade, won’t sell a star without a grand fee— which is contrary to what’s expected at the moment.

As football fans, it’s important to take transfer rumors like this with a grain of salt. The future of Fede Valverde’s career remains firmly in Real Madrid’s hands, and they’ll decide whether he’s part of their long-term plans or not.

Joao Felix’s Future: Barcelona’s Loan Deal & its Impact

“Joao Felix is bound to stay at Barca…does he deserve to stay though?” ~Divyansh

The president of Atletico has stated that Joao Felix is set to continue at Barcelona on loan from Atletico Madrid. The deal works for everyone: Barcelona gets the player, and Atletico makes money without the burden of Felix’s management.

This loan deal raises a few points to consider. Has Felix earned his spot in the team though with the numbers he has produced & will his acquisition lead to the sale of another forward this summer? 

And how will this impact Barcelona’s plans for a new defensive midfielder and potential moves for players like Joao Cancelo?

Felix’s loan to Barcelona is a stopgap as they sort out their finances. His future with the team hinges on his performance and fitness.

Fans will be keeping a close eye on Felix’s development and how his presence affects Barcelona’s transfer strategy. The club’s use of this loan deal will shape their future transfer strategies.

Bernardo Silva: A Tempting Target for Barcelona and Real Madrid?

“Bernardo Silva will be an unnecessary luxury for Real Madrid at the moment ” ~Divyansh

The football world is buzzing with news about Bernardo Silva from Manchester City possibly moving to Spain. His agent has been talking to both Barcelona and Real Madrid about him joining their teams.

Reports say Bernardo’s release clause is only £50 million, so he could be an attractive player for teams to get. But there are a few things that could affect where he ends up.

Real Madrid’s midfield is already really strong, with players like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, and Jude Bellingham. Bernardo likes to be a starter, so he might not find a clear spot on their team.

Bernardo’s age could also be an issue for Real Madrid since they’ve been focusing on younger players lately.

This makes Barcelona seem like a better option for Bernardo. They want to improve their midfield, and Bernardo’s style would fit well with their team. Plus, Barcelona’s finances might be able to handle the cost of bringing Bernardo in.

As the summer transfer window gets closer, everyone will be watching to see where Bernardo Silva ends up. Wherever he goes, he could make a big difference for that team.


We can conclude that Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement with the Portuguese national team ahead of Euro 2024 will be a key thing to keep an eye on. The management will need to carefully navigate the balance between Ronaldo’s significant influence and his potentially outsized ego.

Won’t be wrong to say that we can firmly dismiss the likelihood of Fede Valverde leaving Real Madrid for Liverpool. It highlights Valverde’s status as a key player and future captain, making them highly unlikely to part with such a valuable asset.

After analyzing the potential moves involving Joao Felix and Bernardo Silva. Felix’s loan to Barcelona could have implications for the club’s other plans. A transfer to Real Madrid may not be the best fit for Bernardo Silva, while a move to Barcelona could be more suitable.


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Written by Divyansh

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