Biggest Kit Sponsorship Deals in Football: Which Club Makes the Most Money?

Biggest Kit Sponsorship Deals in Football

Football clubs rake in massive amounts of cash from kit sponsorship deals. We’re talking tens of millions of euros per year for the biggest brands to plaster their logos across the jerseys of top European clubs.

Let’s check out the 10 biggest kit sponsorship deals in European football and why those clubs landed such massive contracts.

Real Madrid? Barcelona? Manchester United? Which Club makes the most money through Kit Sponsorship deals?

  1. Tottenham Hotspur (England) – €35 Million per year (Nike)

Kicking things off at number 10, we have Tottenham Hotspur. They may not be as famous as some of the other clubs on this list, but their loyal fanbase (especially in Asia) and the Nike brand have helped them secure a cool €35 million per year.

Yeah, that’s a ton of money just for having the Nike logo on their jerseys!

  1. Juventus (Italy) – €51 Million per year (Adidas)

The “Old Lady” of Italian football, Juventus, sits at number nine with a €51 million yearly deal from Adidas. Their rich history, global fans, and regular appearances in the Champions League make them a catch for any sponsor.

Imagine having Adidas pay you €51 million just to wear their gear!

  1. Bayern Munich (Germany) – €60 Million per year (Adidas)

The mighty Bayern Munich take the eighth spot, earning €60 million per year from their partners at Adidas. They’re a force to be reckoned with, dominating the Bundesliga and making deep runs in the Champions League year after year. Plus, their jerseys fly off the shelves!

Bayern are absolute monsters, and Adidas knows their jerseys are a hot commodity.

  1. Chelsea FC (England) – €70 Million per year (Nike)

The London club Chelsea FC ranks seventh, pocketing €70 million annually from Nike. Their recent Champions League triumphs and massive global fanbase make them a hot commodity for any brand looking to get noticed.

Winning the Champions League is a huge deal, and brands want to be associated with that success.

  1. Manchester City (England) – €75 Million per year (Puma)

Manchester City are the only team on this list sponsored by Puma, but that doesn’t stop them from securing a €75 million yearly deal. Their dominance in the Premier League and growing popularity (especially in Asia and the Middle East) have made them a big draw for sponsors.

Puma is clearly betting big on Man City’s continued success and global reach.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain (France) – €80 Million per year (Nike Jordan)

The Parisian giants, Paris Saint-Germain, have a unique partnership with Nike Jordan, netting them €80 million per year. The combination of PSG’s global appeal and the iconic “Jumpman” logo creates a jersey that’s in high demand among fans worldwide.

That Jordan brand is straight 🔥! Fans everywhere want to rock that Jumpman logo.

  1. Arsenal FC (England) – €85 Million per year (Adidas)

The “Gunners” of Arsenal find themselves in the fourth position, raking in €85 million annually from their longtime partners at Adidas. Their loyal fanbase, storied history, and regular appearances in European competitions make them a valuable asset for any kit sponsor.

Arsenal’s legacy and European pedigree make them a huge marketing asset for Adidas.

  1. Manchester United (England) – €87 Million per year (Adidas)

The “Red Devils” of Manchester United secure the third spot with an €87 million yearly deal from Adidas. Despite their recent struggles on the pitch, their massive global fanbase, rich history, and iconic brand image make them a sponsor’s dream.

Even when they’re not winning, United’s worldwide popularity is simply unmatched.

  1. FC Barcelona (Spain) – €105 Million per year (Nike)

The Catalan giants, FC Barcelona, claim the second spot with a whopping €105 million annual deal from Nike. Their global fanbase is insane, fueled by legends like Lionel Messi, and they’re a constant presence in the Champions League. Any brand would kill for that kind of exposure.

Barca’s worldwide fame, thanks to superstars like Messi, is worth an absolute fortune to Nike.

  1. Real Madrid CF (Spain) – €120 Million per year (Adidas)

And taking the top spot, we have the most successful club in Champions League history, Real Madrid CF. Their €120 million yearly deal with Adidas reflects their unmatched global prestige, enormous fanbase, and consistent dominance at the highest level of the game. They’re the ultimate prize for any brand seeking global exposure through kit sponsorship.

Real Madrid are kings of the football world, so it’s no surprise Adidas pays top dollar for their legendary brand.

Why do Brands pay so much to Football teams?

Well to answer this simply, to make money you gotta spend money. These sporting giants know that partnering with elite European clubs is a golden ticket to reach millions of diehard fans worldwide.

The top clubs have superstar players that fans love, and those massive fanbases are always eager to buy the latest jersey.

But it’s not just about a club’s popularity. Historical success, massive global fanbases, consistent elite performance, and smart collaborations with iconic brands – these all play a major role in determining a club’s true sponsorship value.

Just look at Manchester United still commanding €87 million per year despite their recent struggles! Their worldwide fame and legacy make them an irresistible asset for sponsors like Adidas.

So whether you bleed your club’s colors every matchday or just casually keep up with the latest action, these eye-watering sponsorship numbers highlight just how mind-blowingly huge the football business truly is.

And with the global popularity of the sport only continuing to skyrocket, you can bet these mammoth deals are just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest clubs and brands are surely cooking up even more lucrative partnerships as we speak.


Adidas and Nike rule the football jersey world, just like Messi and Ronaldo ruled the pitch for years. These brands know partnering with top European clubs lets them reach millions of passionate fans globally.

But a club’s true sponsorship value isn’t just popularity. Their history of wins, worldwide fanbases, elite performances year after year, and iconic brand collabs – those factors determine who gets the biggest deals from Adidas and Nike.


Who is the biggest sponsorship in football?

Real Madrid is a huge brand that lots of people know. So it makes total sense that they have the most expensive jersey sponsorship deal out of any club in the world. They make the most money from jersey sponsors, more than any other team.

What is the biggest kit deal in football history?

Real Madrid and Adidas have been partners since 1998. In 2019, they signed a new 10-year deal. This massive contract will pay Real Madrid £950 million over the next decade. It’s by far the biggest jersey sponsorship deal ever in European and world football.

What is the most expensive football kit deal?

La Liga has two huge jersey sponsor deals – Real Madrid with Adidas (€120m) and Barcelona with Nike (€105m) – which are some of the biggest in the world.

Who has the highest sponsorship deal in the Premier League?

Adidas pays Manchester United €87 million per year making it the biggest kit sponsorship deal in the Premier League.

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