Only a True Citizen can score more than 12 in this Iconic Moments quiz

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Time to put your knowledge of Manchester City’s storied history to the test. We’re about to revisit some legendary, unforgettable moments from the club.

Last-minute winners, trophy-clinching strikes, sheer ecstasy (or agony!) – these are the scenes that get burned into every true Cityzen’s mind forever. 

Whether you witnessed them live or on TV, how much do you really recall about City’s biggest days? Player names, scores, competitions – we’ll be grilling you on all the details. 

Reckon you’re a proper Manchester City mastermind? Prove it…

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    Who scored the dramatic last-minute winner against QPR to secure Manchester City’s first Premier League title in 2012?

    • Sergio Agüero
    • Carlos Tevez
    • Mario Balotelli
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    Who was Manchester City’s manager during their 2017-2018 Premier League-winning season, where they reached 100 points?

    • Pep Guardiola
    • Manuel Pellegrini
    • Roberto Mancini
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    Against which team did Manchester City secure their famous 6-1 victory at Old Trafford in the 2011-2012 season?

    • Manchester United
    • Arsenal
    • Chelsea
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    In which year did Manchester City win their first FA Cup title in the modern era (post-2000)?

    • 2011
    • 2016
    • 2009
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    What was the final score when Manchester City defeated Watford in the 2019 FA Cup Final?

    • 6-0
    • 4-0
    • 7-0
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    Who scored Manchester City’s winning goal in the 2014 League Cup Final against Sunderland?

    • Yaya Touré
    • Samir Nasri
    • Sergio Agüero
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    Who scored the equalizer in Manchester City’s 2018-2019 Champions League quarter-final second leg against Tottenham Hotspur, which ended in a dramatic away goals defeat?

    • Sergio Agüero
    • Bernardo Silva
    • Raheem Sterling
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    Which Manchester City player scored a hat-trick against Chelsea in the Premier League in 2019?

    • Sergio Agüero
    • Kevin De Bruyne
    • Raheem Sterling
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    Who was Manchester City’s captain during their 2011-2012 Premier League-winning campaign?

    • Vincent Kompany
    • Yaya Touré
    • Pablo Zabaleta
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    Who was Manchester City’s top scorer in the 2001-2002 season, helping them secure promotion to the Premier League?

    • Shaun Goater
    • Paulo Wanchope
    • Nicolas Anelka
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    In which stadium did Manchester City win their first European trophy, the 1970 Cup Winners’ Cup?

    • Estadio da Luz
    • Santiago Bernabéu
    • Stadio Olimpico
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    In what minute did Vincent Kompany score the decisive goal in Manchester City’s 1-0 victory over Leicester City in 2019, crucial for their Premier League title win?

    • 70th minute
    • 85th minute
    • 78th minute
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    In which year did Manchester City unveil their famous “Blue Moon” anthem at the Etihad Stadium?

    • 1999
    • 2007
    • 2003
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    Which Manchester City player holds the record for the most assists in a single Premier League season?

    • Kevin De Bruyne
    • Riyad Mahrez
    • David Silva
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    Against which team did Manchester City secure their largest ever victory, a 10-1 win, in 1987?

    • Huddersfield Town
    • Ipswich Town
    • West Bromwich Albion

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