Top 9 Football Creators in India You Can’t Miss!

Hey, football fanatics! ⚽️

Are you tired of watching the same old football content from English pundits and European YouTubers who can barely string a sentence together?

Well, guess what? We’ve got a treat for you!

Forget those boring analysts – we’re bringing you 9 Indian YouTubers who’ll keep you glued to your screens with their desi ball knowledge. These guys are about to make football more relatable than ever!

Get ready for some top-notch content that speaks your language (literally and figuratively). Trust me, after checking these creators out, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

From Chelsea Banter to Man United Rants: Meet India’s Football Content Superstars!

1. Drogbaba: The Chelsea Superfan

    Are you a Chelsea supporter? Then Drogbaba is your go-to guy!

    This creator bleeds blue and brings you all the Chelsea action you could want. But wait, there’s more! He’s got the lowdown on most European leagues too.

    His “Dear” series is an absolute gem. It’s like a love letter to legendary players who’ve hung up their boots or left their clubs. Right in the feels, am I right?

    And get this – he’s now doing a show called “ZeroBallKnowledge“. It’s all about fun watch along for Euro 2024 and Copa America matches. Perfect for when you want to feel like you’re watching with your mates!

    2. Markaroni: The Barça Jokester

      Calling all Barcelona fans! Markaroni’s got you covered.

      This guy’s a Barça superfan who keeps you up to date with all things Barcelona. But he doesn’t stop there – he’s got the scoop on other European teams too.

      Markaroni’s known for his hilarious skits that’ll have you in stitches. You Absolutely cannot miss his Tattoo Tactician series.

      And if you’re looking for company during Barça matches, his watchalongs are the place to be!

      3. Divyansh: The Real Madrid and CR7 Devotee

        Real Madrid fans, listen up! Divyansh is your man.

        This creator is all about Los Blancos. His watchalongs of Real Madrid matches are a must-watch for any Madridista.

        But that’s not all – Divyansh is also a massive Cristiano Ronaldo fan. If you’re Team CR7, you’ll love his content!

        Need your daily football fix? Divyansh has got you covered with regular updates on his YouTube channel.

        4. ONE MUFC: The Passionate Red Devil

          Manchester United supporters, this one’s for you!

          ONE MUFC is run by Mohak, a die-hard United fan. His channel is a treasure trove of Man United content.

          But here’s the best part – his watchalongs of United matches are legendary. It’s like watching with your most passionate friend!

          And when United aren’t at their best? Oh boy, you’re in for a treat! Mohak’s angry rants are famous (or infamous?) among fans. They’re passionate, they’re honest, and they’re downright entertaining!

          5. Menace and the Monk: The Liverpool Duo

          Liverpool fans, rejoice! Manas and Nidhi, the dynamic duo behind this channel, have got you covered.

          These two Reds discuss all things Liverpool, from transfer rumors to tactical breakdowns. Their watchalongs of Liverpool matches will make you feel like you’re right there at Anfield!

          But they don’t stop at Liverpool – these two know their football inside out and discuss everything happening in the beautiful game.

          6. Talk Football HD: The Tactical Guru

          If you’re a Barcelona fan who loves to dive deep into the game, TalkFootballHD is your new best friend.

          Run by Zeeshan, this channel is a goldmine for Barça fans. But here’s the kicker – his tactical analysis videos will help you understand football on a whole new level.

          La Liga enthusiasts, you’ve hit the jackpot with this one!

          7. Daily Football Madness: The Barça Brainiac

          Another one for the Culés out there! Usman’s channel, DailyFootballMadness, is all about Barcelona and beyond.

          Get ready for hot takes, insightful analysis, and passionate discussions about everything happening in the world of football. It’s like having a football-crazy friend who always knows what’s up!

          8. Football With Daksh: The Gunners’ Guide

          Attention Arsenal fans! Football With Daksh is about to become your new favorite channel.

          Daksh, a die-hard Gunner, shares his views on everything Arsenal. From match reactions to transfer speculations, this channel has got it all for the red half of North London.

          9. PranayTFB: The Cityzens’ Chronicle

          Manchester City fans, we haven’t forgotten about you! PranayTFB is your one-stop-shop for all things City.

          But wait, there’s more! Pranay also takes you on virtual stadium tours of various teams and places he visits. It’s like getting a backstage pass to the football world!

          Special Mention: Dr. Sadiq – The Football Encyclopedia

          And finally, a special shoutout to Dr. Sadiq! While he doesn’t have a channel of his own, this walking football encyclopedia pops up on various channels from time to time.

          When Dr. Sadiq starts talking football, everyone listens. His knowledge of the game is mind-blowing, and he can recall facts and stats that’ll make your head spin!

          Keep an eye out for his appearances – they’re always a treat for any true football fan.

          So there you have it, folks! Nine awesome football creators from India (plus one special mention) that you absolutely need to follow. From Chelsea to Barça, Real Madrid to Man United, Liverpool to Arsenal, and Man City – there’s something for every fan!

          These creators aren’t just talking about football – they’re bringing the passion, the knowledge, and the desi touch that makes the beautiful game even more beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out and join in on the fun!

          Remember, football isn’t just about watching the game – it’s about sharing the passion with other fans. And these creators? They’re bringing that passion straight to your screen, desi style!


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