Why is KBFC Manjapada one of the Best fan groups in India 

The Indian national team didn’t do well at the 2023 Asian Cup. But the KBFC Manjapada were there for them. This fan group is called the “Yellow Army.” They went to every group stage game to cheer on the team. It shows how dedicated Indian football fans can be.

This article will tell you more about the Manjapada – their history, culture, and impact. They are a true example of passionate fan culture in Indian football.

A Deep Dive into Manjapada, the Heartbeat of Kerala Blasters

The Begining 

Manjapada means “Yellow Army” in Malayalam. A few Kerala Blasters fans started it on Facebook in 2014. It was just an online group at first. But it grew fast. By 2016, they had WhatsApp groups with around 50 members.

The group grew a lot because the fans were so passionate. Now, Manjapada has branches in all 14 districts of Kerala. They also have branches in 12 other Indian states. They even have members in 64 countries around the world.

In 2016, they started a women’s branch. They want to get more women involved in football and make the fan community more diverse and inclusive.

Fueling the Flames of Yellow Passion

Since the ISL started, Kerala Blasters have had some of the biggest crowds. That’s thanks to the Manjapada fan

The Manjapada organizes a lot of fan events. They welcome the team at the airport. They do road shows before big away games.

The east stand at Kerala Blasters’ home stadium is even called the “Manjapada Stand”. That’s how much the group is there for the home games.

Beyond the Stands: A Legacy of Unity and Support

The Manjapada do more than just cheer. Since 2017, they organize clean-ups after matches.

In 2020, they made a music album called “Padayani”. This kept spirits up when the stands were empty due to the pandemic.

The Manjapada have been recognized for their work. They won the “Fan Club of the Year” award from the Indian Sports Honors in 2017 and 2019.

A Symphony of Chants, Tifos, and Unshakeable Support

The Manjapada get the crowd pumped up at matches. They do chants, songs, and the “Mexican wave” to support Kerala Blasters.

The Manjapada don’t just support KBFC. They also passionately backed the Indian national team at the 2023 Asian Cup.

The Manjapada also do big displays called “Tifos.” These are really cool visual shows. They use powerful messages, like when they paid tribute to the fishermen who saved lives in the 2018 Kerala floods.

The Manjapada’s 2022 Tifo for the Southern Derby against Bengaluru FC is the biggest in Asian and Indian football history. This shows how committed they are to having amazing fan displays.

A Force of Inspiration and a Role Model

Manjapada fans are an inspiration. They show us how to cheer for our teams. They’re always there, coming up with cool ways to support and stick by their team no matter what.

They’re like the extra player, the “12th Man,” showing everyone that crazy-good fan vibes can really make a difference in football.


To wrap it up, Manjapada’s crazy love for the game has set the bar high for fans in India. They were like a ray of light during the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

Their journey shows us how fans can really change the game and point Indian football in a new direction. Perhaps it would not be wrong to say that Manjapada is one of the best fan clubs in Indian Football.

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